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The choice of the correct laser system is based first and foremost on the material to be machined. The light wavelength and pulse characteristics of the laser are the crucial factors in this regard in deciding which materials can be machined to the quality and speed required.

As a developer and producer of compact laser marking systems, ACI Laser GmbH possesses practically all the key laser technologies. The materials depicted here are intended to provide both an initial overview of the potentials of ACI laser systems and a guide when choosing the right technology and power class.


ACI - Mark your territory...


ACI Laser GmbH has been developing, producing and selling compact laser marking systems since 1999. Our permanent focus on market needs has ensured a continuous range of new innovations to further develop our products, while keeping customer value at the forefront of our actions at all times. Our customers are not just merely users, but provide an abundant source of ideas and inspirations for new approaches for solving problems.

For us, "Made in Germany" is a matter of course. Only development and manufacture in Germany satisfy our uncompromising quality standards. In this regard, we also benefit from well trained and motivated personnel and the geographic proximity to our customers.

For us, protection of the environment is not just an empty marketing phrase. All ACI Laser systems are characterised by their low power consumption, outstanding power conversion efficiency, a dispensing with operating media such as coolant water, as well as extra-high durability. This enables us not only to conserve valuable company resources, but also make an important contribution in protecting our environment.


We have moved!

Since 25th of April 2016 you can find us in our new company building.

The ACI Laser team is very pleased about its stylish, new workplace providing plenty of space for R&D, production and administration!


Please note our new company address:

ACI Laser GmbH
Steinbruechenstrasse 14
99428 Nohra

Phone +49 (0) 3643.4152-0
Fax +49 (0) 3643.4152-77


Latest Update of ACI Marking Software MagicMark V3

Optimally prepared for innovative marking applications with version 3.2 build 485

Precision and usability are crucial competition features of laser marking systems. The latest update of the marking software MagicMark by ACI Laser includes improvements of the controlling and execution of marking processes as well as the integration of new functions.

The support of the latest additions to the ACI product portfolio  DPLLexisMarker und DPLNobilisMarker which work in the ultraviolet respectively visible spectral range are obligatory developments of the in-house marking software MagicMark.


Flexible Workstations

Laser marking systems can be used in an extremely wide range of application areas. Whether in the automobile supply industry, the electrical industry, engineering or tool manufacture – the most diverse marking tasks are to be found everywhere.  To meet the requirements of these applications, ACI Laser GmbH offers a broad spectrum of flexible manual workplaces. Our modular system concept enables a complete solution customised for the application. The correct combination of suitable laser technology and protective housing is oriented to the material, the number and/or dimension of the parts as well as the marking time available.

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